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December 2006:
Surprisingly, our private email address, which we only gave out to family and friends, is getting over 20 spam emails a day. some with rather dangerous looking attachments. I don't know how it comprimised, I can only guess that someone got infected with a virus that sent THEIR address book to a spammer. To be safe, we have discontinued our MK email address. If you tried to contact us there, use our public address (below) and we'll get in contact with you.
Our public email address is, and please feel free to contact us there. Our personal email addresses you will not find published publically. Please contact us through our public email address and we will send you our private contact information. Again, that is "public" followed by "ANT". We change it periodically so check back here if it doesn't work.

Last updated: February, 2010

Contacting us - Public email